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Sith Warrior Guide

Sith Warrior Guide

The Sith Warriors are primary melee classes with some force abilities. Sith Warriors can go down two specialization pathways: The Sith Marauder for melee DPS (damage per second) and The Sith Juggernaut as a melee tank. Neither of the Sith Warrior specializations has healing abilities…

SWTOR Crew Skills Guide

SWTOR Crew Skills Guide

In Star Wars: The Old Republic professions are known as Crew Skills. Crew Skills are essential to the game because they allow you to craft powerful and useful items using your gathered resources. The Star Wars galaxy however, is so large that gathering the right resources without interrupting your current adventure might be difficult. So the good news is this is…

SWTOR Server List

Official SWTOR Server List

SWTOR Server List. Official SWTOR Server List.

SWTOR Class Percentages

What Class Will Most People Play?

According to a survey conducted on the official SWTOR forums of 11,420 SWTOR players most people will be playing as a Sith Inquisitor on the Sith Empire side, while most people in the Galactic Republic will be playing as…

No Grace Period SWTOR

No Grace Period for SWTOR

No SWTOR Grace Period

SWTOR Early Access Players that do not obtain their actual game registration keys prior to the launch date on December 20, 2011 will not be able to continue playing SWTOR after the launch date.

This means that even if you are included in the early access because you entered your pre-order code …

Early Access Date Moved to December 13th

So the good news is that SWTOR Early Access date has been moved to December 13th, 2011 instead of the previously announced December 15th, as stated today by StephenReid on the official SWTOR forums. He also stated though that we will not be given early notice as to what date they will activate…

Origin Pre-Order’s Can Now Preload SWTOR!

An exciting email was just sent out by Star Wars: The Old Republic, which informs the future SWTOR players that we may now begin the preload! As stated in the email…

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