New Content and Rated PvP in March

New Content in March

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Rise of the Rakghouls Part 2 Coming in March, 2012.

The first part of Rise of the Rakghouls has been released recently. The story line is so big and epic that Star Wars had to make it a two part story line. The second part will be released in March of this year. However, below is a list of a new content that will be released in the March Update.

  • Ranked PvP – A new warzone will be released along with new features. One of the new features will be the ability to rank yourself against other players while PvPing. Current speculation is that there will be rated warzones and perhaps full blown pre-made warzone groups, instead of the current limit of 4 people queuing at once.
  • SWTOR New Warzone

  • Legacy System – This system will allow each one of your new characters to join a family tree and you can adjust the family relationship to each other via the Legacy interface (IE father/mother/siblings etc). Through the Legacy interface you will also be able to unlock abilities and powers that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Bioware has not yet released any details on what the “abilities” and “powers” are yet, but we will keep you updated as we find out.
  • SWTOR New Legacy System

  • Guild Banks – With the feedback from the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, Bioware has finally decided to add a guild banking system.
  • SWTOR New Guild Banks

  • Interface – There will be a major update for the standard SWTOR user interface. You will have the ability to move around interface elements anywhere on your screen, change the sizes of all the UI objects and change what your interface looks like to optimize it to fit your game style. Bioware has shown us examples of moving around and resizing the Minimap and action bars.
  • SWTOR New UI Customization

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