Massive Ilum PvP Bug to be Nerfed

Massive Ilum PvP Bug will be Nerfed

Ilum PvP Bug

Due to the Ilum World PvP changes in Swtor that came out with Swtor Patch 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls, there have been massive amounts of PvP on Ilum where the side with more people in the area would control all Ilum objectives and then spawn camp the opposite faction at their base for massive amounts of valor. Although this was not techincally a “bug” with Ilum, people abusing the valor mechanic on Ilum was not how Bioware intended it to be.

The patch 1.1 changes that made Ilum so highly over-populated and full of actual PvP are listed below:

  • Players now gain increased Valor from player kills in Ilum.
  • Players now gain increased bonus Valor for kills based on the number of objectives controlled by their faction.
  • Increased bonus Valor is now granted for player kills when defending an objective your faction owns.

Swtor community leader Allison Berryman has stated that the swtor servers will be taken down for maintenance at 3am PST on January 19, 2012 (tomorrow) to patch “a few high priority issues in the game”, meaning that the valor buff will likely be taken away from Ilum.

Source: AllisonBerryman
Please be advised that the servers will be unavailable beginning at 5AM CST (3AM PST/ 6AM EST/ 11AM GMT/ 12PM CET) as we deploy a new patch. This deployment will fix a few high priority issues in the game. We expect the service to be available again by 10AM CST (8AM PST/ 11AM EST/ 4PM GMT/ 5PM CET). Please watch this thread for updates and information as they become available. To view the status of your server, please visit the Server Status Page.


Bioware also stated that they are “aware of individuals who took extreme advantage of this situation”…

Source: JovethGonzalez
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to be clear and let you all know that we’re definitely aware of individuals who took extreme advantage of this situation and we will be carefully evaluating and taking action as necessary.


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