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New Flashpoint 12-27-11

New FlashPoint Coming in January

James Ohlen (the games producer) provides a sneak peek into future features of SWTOR. They have talked about providing new Flashpoints, Operations and Warzones and now they are providing a bit more information on that. He goes on to say…

Jedi Knight Guide

Jedi Knight Guide

Jedi Knight Guide. There are two advanced classes of the Jedi Knight: The Jedi Sentinel and the Jedi Guardian. The Jedi Sentinel is a DPS (damage per second) class and the Jedi Guardian is a tank oriented advanced class…

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SWTOR Server Maintenance Patch 12-27-11

The SWTOR Patch 1.0.1 will go live after the server reset today (12-27-11) the changes in the patch notes are as follows…

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SWTOR Server Maintenance 12/27/11

SWTOR servers will be down on 12/27/11 from 4AM CST until 10AM CST for scheduled maintenance as well as implementing patch 1.0.1….

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AMA with Stephen Reid this Wednesday 12/28/11 at 2:00 PM CST

SWTOR Community Leader Stephen Reid will be answering any SWTOR questions on 12/28/11…

Jedi Shadow

Jedi Consular Guide

Jedi Consular Class Guide. This guide includes information on Jedi Sage and Jedi Shadow advanced classes, their specializations and gearing as well as suggested Jedi Consular Crew Skills and Companion.

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Server Shutdown 12-22-11

SWTOR servers will be down on 12-22-11 for server maintenance, including the removal of the grace period for early access players. The times the server will be down are from 12am PST to 4am PST…

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