Pylon Puzzle Boss Guide

Pylon Puzzle Boss Guide

Eternity Vault

Third Boss : Pylon Puzzle Boss Strategy Guide

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Normal Mode:

Pylon Puzzle Guide

This is a generally straight forward fight in normal mode you split into two groups one at the north pylon one at the south. When you engage the mobs guarding the pylon you start the fight. The objective of this fight is for both sides to lock in all four of their symbols to match the symbol on both sides of the pylon. In normal mode you can just keep pressing one direction repeatedly till it finally locks.

You can’t move on to lock the next row till the other group’s pylon is also locked.

During this whole time you are locking in pylons waves of adds will be spawning. They are non elite and can be easily killed. But they can also dish out some good damage so healing and tanking are still needed. Also watch out for the yellow shields around the adds, they reflect damage to you. This shield ability can be interrupted by kicking when the adds begin to cast “Force Barrier”.

Once the 2nd pylon tumbler is locked an Elite will spawn along with the normal add wave. They do not have that much health but do some damage if not on a tank. Just tank kill them fast.

Hard Mode:

In hard mode you have to lock in your symbol at the exact same time the other side is locking in theirs.

The rotation for the tumblers goes the following if you use the right tumbler:

Blue, Green, Red, Purple, White, Yellow

The rotation for the tumblers goes the following if you use the left tumbler:

Yellow, White, Purple, Red, Green, Blue

Even though the player turning the tumbler gets a debuff in hard mode after every turn, making it where they have to wait before they are allowed to turn the pylon again.. It’s suggested you only have 1 person turn the pylons so that there is no confusion (currently you have to reset the instance and trash every time you get frozen out of your pylon). Once you are 1 rotation away from locking the pylon onto the correct color, a 3rd person on ventrilo/teamspeak (separate from the 2 people clicking to account for the lag) count down for the two rotators to click the pylon at the same time.

The only difference is that after the second tumbler is locked two elites will spawn instead of 1 just the one in normal mode.

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