Infernal Council Guide

Infernal Council Boss Guide

Eternity Vault

Third Boss : Infernal Council Boss Strategy Guide

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This fight has no phases it is generally considered free loot as long as your group is good at soloing.

In 8 man there are 8 elites, 1 for each person in the raid.

Three different elite types:

  • Mauraders ( Dps gets these )
  • Assassins ( Healers get these )
  • Juggernauts ( Tanks get these )
Infernal Council Guide

Everyone will set up in front of their own mob to kill. Make sure to get buffs up before the fight starts and do NOT pre-HOT (heal over time) anyone, currently it seems to bug the fight out.

Have one person start the encounter from the console and all the elites will drop down and be ready to fight. The encounter has a 2 minute enrage timer. You are not supposed to help others out in the fight. If you help someone else out by either healing them, damaging their mob or trying to give them buffs during the fight..the fight will end and you will have to start over.

As a side note, if tanks are having a hard time killing the Juggernauts, then you can switch the tank onto a marauder and have a DPS kill the juggernaut. Juggernauts have more health and deal less damage than the marauders do.

There isn’t much to this fight. Kill your mob and wait for your raid to kill theirs and you get loot. Easy.

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  1. adam says:

    This guide is great going to be extremely useful when we get to this. One question though are you going to be doing guides on Karagga’s palace in the near future or are you currently working on them?

  2. Brenda says:

    Love the guide

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