SOA The Infernal One Boss Guide

SOA Infernal One Boss Guide

Final Boss : SOA The Infernal One Boss Strategy Guide

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Phase 1:

The Infernal One Guide

The boss starts off with an Immunity shield that stays in place until he finishes his dialogue. The Shield makes him immune to damage, but it does allow you to put debuffs on him. This means tanks can stack armor pen up to 5 stacks and snipers can shatter shot to decrease his armor as well.

When you look around the room you will also notice a whole lot of pyramid objects (referred to as lanterns from here on out) laid out on the floor of the room. When the first phase is active these objects will sometimes start glowing bright green and after a few seconds disperse a green AoE that does damage over time. Just move away from the ones glowing and stay out of the AoE that is dispersed and you will be fine.

When the immunity shield goes down you should blow all your cool downs and tank/spank him down to 75% while avoiding the green AoE that is dropped on the floor.

When 75% health is reached the boss will put up another immunity shield. Right when this happens your raid needs to go to the outer most edge of the platform and group up on one person, preferably on the northern edge of the map. I would suggest grouping up on the tank behind one of the outer most lanterns on the north side of the room.

Stair Stepping Phase:

After a few seconds of the boss putting up his shield he will throw statues down at the floor and knock the inner floor down. Once the floor has been knocked down you should see a platform directly below you with a lantern on it that says “Ancient Power Source”. Drop down to this platform, dps down this power source and all on the following platforms you’re going to be going down because they reduce the damage the boss does in the next phase.

When you jump down to you first platform wait awhile and he will knock down a second platform right behind it. Hop down to this one then continue down the platforms for about 4-5 platforms killing all the Ancient power sources on your way down. When you reach about the 4th platform you should notice an increase gap to the next platform. Pause Heal up everyone and wait again for him to knock a platform right behind the one you’re standing on. Continue down the remaining platforms destroying ancient power sources as you go till you hit the bottom of the floor for the 2nd stage area, heal up and wait for the boss to re-appear.

Second Phase:

The boss will soon spawn and then drop his immunity shield once again. After about 2-3 seconds after his shield drops he will use an ability called mind trap.

Mind traps – Mind traps are pillars the will be randomly placed on the ground that will have to be killed in order to release people that are put into another room till the trap is destroyed. While in the mind trap zone there is a very weak version of The Infernal One that you can dps and kill very easily. (at this moment we don’t know what exactly is the effect of killing the weak version ,in mind trap,does)

The Infernal One will also randomly use an ability that will grab someone and fling them around the room knocking them into pillars, and then finally tossing them onto the ground for falling damage. The damage this ability does in normal mode is easily heal-able.

The 3rd and final difference on the second phase compared to the first phase is that instead of spawning the green AoE, the lanterns will instead spawn lightning balls. These balls of lightning will randomly aggro onto someone in the raid and start heading towards them. They are extremely slow and explode after a short amount of time. Stay away from them because they cause around 6.5k to 7k damage when they explode.

Look out for lightning balls and make sure to make mind traps your dps priority in this phase and you’ll be fine.

Dps the boss down to 30% and he will toss on a third immunity shield and once again start the stair stepping phase. The Stair stepping phase will be exactly the same so just refer to it above.

Once again blow all your cool-downs on this phase because they will be reset by the time you get down to the third and final phase.

Third and Final Phase:

Once you reach the bottom after climbing down you should be heal everyone up to full and get ready for the boss once again.

In this phase The Infernal one will have an immunity shield on to start with. Just ignore him till the first mind trap pops. All dps should be focused on mind traps during this phase while the immunity shield is on the boss.

Also be aware that the lightning balls are still in this phase and do the same amount of damage so avoid them.

Once he casts his first mind trap the tank needs to look up in the air around the circle to find an object that is floating in the air. The object will look like and upside down pyramid that is spinning and glowing orange.

The tank has to position the boss under these floating objects so that when the boss calls them down they will fall onto the boss popping his immunity shield. (note that the falling of the object creates splash damage and should be avoided). Once the shield pops all dps even healers should focus on damaging the boss down till once again his immunity shield pops up. When the shield pops up all dps should refocus on getting mind traps down. There will generally always be at least 1 mind trap up depending on your dps.

It should take about 4-6 shield pops before the boss will be dead. If it goes past 4 generally he will probably have enraged, though you can generally survive one pop of his shield after enrage.

Get him to 0% and you have yourself some loot (Chest pieces and Weapons).

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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for the guide the only thing i will say is reset the instance after a wipe as the floor doesn’t always reset properly for the drop down phase

  2. Maryann Storks says:

    Thank you for this guide, it was just what I was looking for. There is so much information here, so I thank you so much!

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