Gharj Boss Guide

Gharj Boss Guide

Eternity Vault

Second Boss : Gharj Boss Strategy Guide

Normal Mode Health: 1,020,436
Normal Mode Enrage: 6 Minutes and 30 seconds
Hard Mode Health: 1,364,833
Hard Mode Enrage: 6 Minutes

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Phase 1:


Leap: Jumps in the and then deals out AoE damage to those in melee range.

Frenzy: Very much like Leap, but Gharj will continually jump dealing AoE damage to anyone in melee range.

Pulverizing Slam: High damage to highest on aggro ( i.e. Main Tank)

Rending Swipe: Basically a Cleave that does HIGH damage to anyone in front of Gharj.

Smashing Leap: Jumps covering the large platform he’s on with lava.

Gharj Guide

Gharj is a general tank and spank boss with only a few gimmicks to make him seem difficult. During Phase 1 have your tank keep him on the far side of his platform faced away from the raid. He does have a cleave ability, so make sure to have melee stay back behind him. He will occasionally leap up doing splash damage to all those in melee range keep your melee topped up.

During Frenzy Melee need to stay out of melee ranged of the boss, until Gharj is no longer in frenzy.

After about 45 seconds to a minute Gharj will do a “Smashing Leap” covering the platform your raid is on with lava. Shortly before this happens you will notice stones appearing out of the lava leading to a new platform. As soon as you see the path become available, move the raid to the new large platform. It is suggested that you keep your raid on the side closest to the path you arrived on and have your tank position himself on the far side of the stone path.

Phase 2:

It is also believed that he only gets his knock back on the second island along with his ability to summon Dogs.

At 50% Gharj will then have the ability to summon adds (about 5-6 dogs) that will generally come right before a Smashing Leap. If you get dogs and a smashing leap at the same time, just move platforms and AoE down the adds. In both normal and hard modes the adds die easily to AoE.

The other thing that this phase adds is Gharj ability to knock the whole raid back generally into the lava (snipers do not get knocked into the lava if they are in cover they just get knocked to the ground). Heal up your raid after getting knocked in the lava and you should be fine.

And that’s the fight, a basic tank and spank with a little moving and some AoE.

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