Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Boss Guide

Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Boss Guide

First Boss : Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Boss Strategy Guide

Normal Mode Health: 982,170
Normal Mode Enrage: Unknown
Hard Mode Health: Will be updated this upcoming week.
Hard Mode Enrage: 6 Minutes

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Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Guide

In all honesty, phase one for this boss is the turrets at the beginning. Even though downing these turrets does not aggro the boss right away they still are a mechanic it seems to this fight.

The turrets especially in harder modes of the instance can hit like a truck (talking about 10k every 1-2 seconds) they still are pretty easy to get down. They are completely CC’able (crowd control) stuns/everything seems to work on them. Right now in both hard-mode and normal the turrets can be killed without popping the power cores that surround its base. Though in nightmare mode they might have to be popped all at the same time (since each core will damage the turret ).

A number of adds will spawn at intervals during the turret phase they are easily able to be AoE’d down.

CC one turret and stun lock the other one down to kill it. Rinse and repeat for the second turret and the boss will drop down to your raid.

Note: When the boss comes down he isn’t automatically aggro’ed onto the raid. Just stay back behind the turrets and buff up and heal if you need to.

Note 2: If Annhiliation Droid XRR-3 is not spawning for you then you are probably killing the power cells at the bottom of the turrets. At this time killing the power cells at the bottom of the turrets bugs the encounter out and will cause the Annhiliation Droid XRR-3 to not spawn. If this happens to you then you need to leave the instance and reset all flashpoints and then kill the turrets again, without killing the power cells.

Phase 1:


Missile Salvo: Occasionally the droid will sit down and launch a missile salvo (it seems to follow after a sweep or knockback) where there will just be missiles launched at everyone in the raid doing around 2k damage in normal, 3k damage in hardmode, and currently unknown damage in Nightmare. He will continue to cast this for about 20-25 seconds. After he’s done casting he will be overheated for another 5-10 seconds where he won’t do anything.

Sweeping strike: Will knock back everyone in a 360 range that are just outside melee range while doing damage, so ranged cannot stand too close to the boss.

Shockwave Will stun people in melee range.

Off-tank DoT: A dot will be placed on the second highest person on aggro, the DoT in hard mode will hit for an initial 6k damage with a 3-3.5k dot tick, in normal mode the DoT is very manageable.

Missile Barrage: He will target a person and put a red target on them soon after launch a missile attack that does high damage to that target (In hard mode it was hitting for 10k-15k). Suggest calling your name out if you have been targeted and shield that person and have them use defensive cooldowns. In normal mode the missile barrage is very manageable, hitting for about 5k, but it is still a good idea to use a defensive cooldown and/or shields.

For the first 50% of this boss you can tank him fairly easily. He does a knock back on melee range generally right before a Missile Salvo (The main tank can and will be knocked back by him as well so prepare accordingly).

Once the boss goes into his Missile Salvo state you can do 1 of 2 things. The first (and best option) is to LOS (Line of Sight) the boss immediately as the boss casts Missile Salvo, making it where you raid negates all damage cause by this attack. The best place to LoS the Missile Salvo is behind the right pillar where the turret used to be.

The other option is to group up after he does his knock back before salvo and have a sniper use his barrier to reduce damage and AoE heal the raid. The second option is only suggested if you hitting enrage timers on the boss because you can stay in and damage him during this phase if you use the second option.

Phase 2:

After 50% the boss will announce “Targets, Analyzed, Engaging Storm Protocol” and use his ability called Storm Protocol that will put a small red target under different people in the raid and launch a missile at that person. In order to avoid them just move a tiny bit off the target then re engage the boss ( during normal it seems to launch 2 red targets at you, one right after another, in hard mode 3 will target you right after the other).

All other abilities that are used in phase 1 will be used in phase 2. Phase 2 continues until 8%.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 starts at 8%, the boss will just sit down and do a constant Missile Salvo launch for the rest of encounter. Group up AoE heal and burn him. I would suggest save most long cool-downs and defensive cooldowns for this part of the fight because you want to burn him as fast as possible. Also if you have a Sniper Barrier up, this is the perfect time to use it to help negate some of the incoming damage. You will also want to save Sith Warrior Bloodthirst (15% extra damage/healing to party) or similar buffs for this time.

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  1. Kirby says:

    Hey mate, great guide. The turrets are no longer ccable.

  2. suji says:

    You have sweeping strike and shockwave (knockback) mixed up.

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