SWTOR Damage Meters Coming Soon

SWTOR Damage Meters Coming Soon

SWTOR Damage Meters and Combat Log

According to an interview with Georg Zoeller, a SWTOR game developer, a combat log and analysis of the combat log are a “high priority” to add to SWTOR.

Audio Source: Torwars.com

Interviewer: So we talk about analytics and what you guys do on the developer side. Players like to do their own analytics and how to improve their characters. What tools int he game help you do that? Will you be able to export a combat log or anything like that?

Georg Zoeller: Not at this point, but it’s something very high on our priority list

Interviewer: What’s the pro and con of having something like that in? What’s your approach to players min-maxing?

Georg Zoeller: I have no problem with players min-maxing. I’m min-maxing myself. We do have pretty good… the tooltips are pretty good. The information on the items I think is pretty good. We’re right now lacking a bit is in the evaluating your performance or your group’s performance. Umm what I can tell you is there’s no conspiracy where we’re like we’re hiding this so people aren’t discriminating against other players. If you want to, you know, run a very competitive operations group and you wanna improve, having this data is certainly interesting. Umm and we’re not against it, it’s just right now not in. Will it make it in for launch? We don’t know at this point but it’s very high priority.


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