SWTOR Primary Attributes/Stats

This post is for all the World of Warcraft players that will be starting up Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hopefully this will shine some light upon the SWTOR attributes and what they are used for. For gear WoW uses the term stats while SWTOR uses the term attributes. There are six primary attributes that you will find on gear. Below is a list of the stats in WoW and how they compare to the attributes in SWTOR.

  • Strength for Melee Attack Power in WoW = Strength in SWTOR – Increases melee damage and critical change with Lightsabers.
  • Stamina in WoW = Endurance in SWTOR – Increases health points and regeneration.
  • Intellect for Spell Power in WoW = Willpower in SWTOR – Increases force damage.
  • Agility for Ranged Attack Power in WoW = Aim in SWTOR – Increases damage with ranged weapons.
  • Agility for Ranged Attack Power in WoW = Cunning in SWTOR – Increases damage with tech based weaponry and increases the strength of your shield and stealth.
  • Resilience in WoW = Expertise in SWTOR – Increases effectiveness in PvP.

For a little break down of what attribute/stat you want for each class Sith Warriors and Jedi Knights will want Strength and Endurance. Jedi Consulars and Sith Assassins will want to stack Willpower. Bounty Hunters and Troopers want Aim. Smugglers and Imperial Agents want Cunning.

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  1. Dan R says:

    Good post, im starting up SWTOR after about two years of not playing WoW. Thanks for the tips. But I’d say that BH also want cunning.

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