Sith Inquisitor Guide

Sith Inquisitor Guide

Few acolytes succeed in facing the rigorous trials to become Sith Inquisitors. Only the most determined acolytes attain such an achievement. Inquisitors are skilled at exploiting both their enemies and their allies to further their own personal agendas. Sith Inquisitors are feared mostly for their ability to channel the energy of the force. Inquisitors can twist the Force into lightning to stun, subdue, or destroy their enemies.

Class Role

Sith inquisitors use a single double-bladed lightsaber or a single lightsaber to fulfill its many combat roles. Sith Inquisitors are one of the two classes which can play every role in the game. Inquisitors can specialize as the Sith Assassin Advanced Class and do rogue like dps (damage per second) and use their double-bladed lightsaber or they can evasion tank. Inquisitors can also specialize in the as Sith Sorcerers Advanced Class that deals damage via casting, and they can also heal their allies.


Inquisitors often prefer dark, high-contrast robes to express their sophisticated tastes and ambitions. Inquisitors like to ensure all their attire allows for the flexibility for stunning acrobatics in lightsaber combat and thus they wear Light Armor. The primary attribute that Sith Inquisitors want on their gear is Willpower.

Suggested Crew Skills (Professions)

Synthweaving, Archaeology and Underworld Trading

Synthweaving is the crew skill that allows you to craft the light armor that you will be wearing as both the Sith Sorcerer and the Sith Assassin Advanced Classes of the Sith Inquisitor. This will allow you to craft very powerful gear for your character especially in the end game setting.

Some of the items that you can make for your Sith Assassin or Sith Sorcerer with Synthweaving(both use willpower) are the following end game items:

If you pick Synthweaving as one of your crew skills then you should also get Archaeology and Underworld Trading. These two crew skills will give you most of the materials you will need for Synthweaving.

Abilities and Combat

Sith Assassin Advanced Class

The Sith Assassin is one of the advanced classes of the Sith Inquisitor and it has two specializations of its own. The Deception talent tree focuses on a being rogue-like class. Deception relies on its dual bladed lightsaber to take out the opponent. This specialization uses its melee attacks and stealth to defeat enemies.

The Darkness talent tree of the Sith Assassin is more evasion tanking-oriented. This tree has high threat-generation abilities. An evasion-oriented tank relies on dodging and absorbing attacks instead of the usual large health pool and high defense that a Sith Warrior would have.

Sith Sorcerer Advanced Class

The Sith Sorcerer has two specializations trees that will allow you to mainly be a healer or you can choose to do ranged force damage with lightning type of spells.
The Sith Sorcerer has a Lightning talent tree that focuses on using lightning spells to deal damage, such as powerful storms and channeled lightning force spells. The Sith Sorcerer’s second talent tree is the Corruption tree. The Corruption talent tree focuses on using the force to heal your allies.

As you can see, the Sith Inquisitor has the ability to fulfill any role in the game.

Sith Inquisitor Advanced Classes

Sith Assassin
Sith Sorcerer
  • Class Role: Melee Damage or Evasion Tank
  • Weapon: Double bladed Lightsaber
  • Armor: Light
  • Resource: Force
  • Primary Stats: Willpower
  • Class Role: Ranged Damage or Healing
  • Weapon: 1 Lightsaber
  • Armor: Light
  • Resource: Force
  • Primary Stats: Willpower

Sith Inquisitor Companions

Khem Val – Korriban
Combat Type: Melee Tank
Armor: Heavy
Weapon Types: Vibrosword, Shield Generator
Crew Skills: +5 Research Efficiency, +15 Artifice Efficiency
Starting Kit: Shockwave
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Andronikus Revel (Romance-able) – Tatooine
Combat Type: Ranged Damage
Armor: Medium
Weapon Types: Dual Blaster Pistols
Crew Skills: +2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading Critical
Starting Kit: Concussion Shot
Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Ashara Zavros (Romance-able) – Taris
Combat Type: Melee Damage
Armor: Medium
Weapon Types: Dual Lightsaber
Crew Skills: +10 Diplomacy Efficiency, +10 Synthweaving Efficiency
Starting Kit: Energy Shield
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Talos Drellik – Hoth
Combat Type: Ranged Healer
Armor: Medium
Weapon Types: Blaster and Shield Generator
Crew Skills: +5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology Critical
Starting Kit: Medpack
Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Xalek – After Voss
Combat Type: Ranged Damage
Armor: Light
Weapon Types: Lightsaber and Shield Generator
Crew Skills: +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging Critical
Starting Kit: Shockwave
Primary Stat: Willpower
Secondary Stat: Endurance
2V-R8 – Comes with Fury Starship
Combat Type: Non-combat, but can craft and do missions.

Suggested Companion: Taking into consideration that you are a wearing light armor and you are casting as a Sith Sorcerer, a Sith Sorcerer’s best companion will be Khem Val while leveling. If you are a melee damage Sith Assassin Khem Val will still be of great use for you, but if your going the Sith Assassin tanking spec then you may want to use Andronkius Revel for ranged damage or if you need heals then Talos Drellik.
You can find the Full Companion List Here


Fury features an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sub-light engines. The Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet. The Fury has become a favorite among Sith Lords, although it was initially designed for high-priority military missions. The Fury also features a set of “strike foils” that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short range combat to maximize the ships agility and range of firepower.

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