SWTOR Crew Skills Guide

SWTOR Crew Skills Guide

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In Star Wars: The Old Republic professions are known as Crew Skills. Crew Skills are essential to the game because they allow you to craft powerful and useful items using your gathered resources. The Star Wars galaxy however, is so large that gathering the right resources without interrupting your current adventure might be difficult. So the good news is this is where your companions come into play. You can have your companions (your crew) head out to gather resources for you. They can also craft items for you and complete a missions on their own.

There are three categories of Crew Skills: Gathering Skills, Crafting Skills, and Mission skills. There are three Crew Skill slots and you are allowed to have more than one Gathering or Mission Crew Skills but you are only allowed one Crafting Crew Skill.

Crafting Skills

There are six categories of Crafting Skills: Armormech, Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, Cybertech, and Synthweaving. All of the resources you and your crew gather will be used to actually make items using the Crafting Skill. Your crew will be able to craft weapons, armor, stimulants and other very useful items for you to use. Like the Gathering skill, you can sell crafted items on the open market for money. You can only have one Crafting Skill put into your Crew Skill slots.


Armormech is the ability to work with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct all types of personal armor. Fluxes are purchased through vendors and are used in the Crafting skill to refine materials. Scavenging and Underworld Trading provide crafting resources for Armormech. Armormech is great for: Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agents, and Bounty Hunters.
Crew Skills to go with Armormech: Scavenging and Underworld Trading


Armstech is the skill of constructing blasters, blaster pistols, blaster rifles, and sniper rifles. It is also the skill of crafting upgrades and modifications. Fluxes purchased through vendors are also used in the blaster creation process to refine materials to ensure suitability. A cool ability that Armstechs have is to reverse engineer their crafted blasters. By doing so, they can discover new ways to improve blaster creation. Armstech crafting skill uses mainly material farmed from the Scavenging Skill. Armstech is great skill for: Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agents, and Bounty Hunters.
Crew Skills to go with Armstech: Scavenging and Investigation


Artifice is the delicate work of constructing Jedi and Sith artifacts. Using this skill your crew can create modifications for items as Lightsabers and Blasters. Crystal colors are the same as the Lightsaber’s beam color or blaster colors. Like the other professions, Artificers have the ability to reverse engineer a few of their crafted items. This will allow them to discover new ways to improve item creation. Materials from Archaeology and Treasure Hunting are excellent resources of materials for Artificers. Artifice is a great skill for: Jedi Knights, Jedi Consulars, Sith Warriors, and Sith Inquisitors.
Crew Skills to go with Artifice: Archaeology and Treasure Hunting


Biochem is the skill of creating performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants. Biochemists create medpacks which are used by players to restore their health during battle. Stimulants and biological implants can also be made which are used to boost your characters abilities and enhance their battle skills. Materials from Bioanalysis provide the resources used for Biochem. Biochem is great for making money on the open market as many players will want to use the stimulants to boost their damage, healing or tanking abilities. Biochem is great for all classes and is sure to be another money maker.
Crew Skills to go with Biochem: Bioanalysis and Diplomacy


Cybertech is the technical expertise to construct gadgets and components for high-tech armor. This skill can also make some gear modifications. Materials from Scavenging and Underworld Trading are the resources used for Cybertech. Cybertech is a great skill for: Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agent, and Bounty Hunters.
Crew Skills to go with Cybertech: Scavenging and Underworld Trading


Synthweaving is the art of creating light armor. Most items are worn by Sith Inquisitors and Jedi Consulars. Like the other crafters, Synthweavers can reverse engineer their crafted items to allow them to discover new ways to improve armor creation. Materials from Archaeology and Underworld Trading provide most of the resources for Synthweaving. Synthweaving is great for: Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors.
Crew Skills to go with Synthweaving: Archaeology and Underworld Trading

Gathering Skills

There are four categories of Gathering Skills: Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging, and Slicing. With the resources you and your crew gather from exploring the different planets and using your Gathering Skills, you will be able to craft useful and valuable items. Any extra items or raw materials you have can be sold for a profit on the open market. You may have more than one Gathering Skill put into your Crew Skill slots. Details on each of the gathering skills are listed below.


Archaeology is the ability to seek out imbued items such as ancient artifacts and Lightsaber crystals. It has the same concept as mining in World of Warcraft. Crystal nodes are valuable because they contain ancient formulas and algorithms used by Artificers. These items are also used in Synthweaving to create items used by Force players (IE Sith Inquisitors and Jedi Consulars).


Bioanalysis is the practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and plants. This skill goes hand in hand with the Biochem Crafting skill. Genetic materials are items such as cell fibers, medicinal fluids, and bacterial strains. These materials are used to create medpacks and stimulants by the Biochem Crafting Skill. Biological implants can also be made from these materials, which are used to boost ability skills.


Scavenging is the art of recovering useful materials and parts from old or damaged technology. Classes that Scavenging would be useful for are Troopers and Bounty Hunters. Armormech, Armstech, and Cybertech crafting skills use the resources gathered from Scavenging.


Slicing is a skill in accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics from them. The recipes found inside things like electronic safes, biometric footlockers, and date stations will be useful later in the game because they contain valuable item and rare tech materials used to create weapons and armor. Slicing is very useful for making money on the open market due to the ability to sell the recipes and the items obtained from the safes.

Mission Skills

There are four categories of Mission Skills: Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting, and Underworld Trading. Using these skills, your companions are able to go out on their own into the galaxy to complete missions. They can gather information, get loot, or complete other goals that will benefit you. There are many options for Mission skills, each with their own rewards and benefits. Some completed missions can also earn you light or dark side points. You may have more than one Mission Skill put into your Crew Skill slots.


Diplomacy is the art of conducting and managing negotiations. These missions can be used to produce crafting materials for Biochem and companion gifts. Companion gifts are used to raise their affection rating. So remember to be nice to all of your companions. Completing diplomatic missions can affect your standing with the light or dark side.


Investigation is the skill of examining evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets. Using Investigation will help you find materials needed for all Crafting Skills. You can also get companion gifts with Investigation.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is the ability to track down and recover valuable items by investigation a series of clues. With Treasure Hunting, you find items that turn into materials that are then used by the Crafting Skills to build powerful and useful items. Companion gifts are also available for completed missions through Treasure Hunting.

Underworld Trading

Underworld Trading is the expertise in the trading of illegal goods and services. Through the Underworld Trading Skill you can find materials that are used in Armormech, Cybertech, and Synthweaving. As with the other Mission Skills, Underworld Trading gives out companion gifts.

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