Sith Warrior Guide

Sith Warrior Guide

Sith Warrior Guide

The Sith Warrior is an unstoppable force of darkness that is born for battle. Sith Warriors are entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire’s enemies and enforce Sith domination. The Sith seek to rule the galaxy through power and intimidation.

Sith Warriors are bold, loyal and mighty overlords who will drive the armies of the Sith Empire to conquest and victory. Sith Warriors crush their opponents and stride towards their goals with dreadful determination, leaving ruin and annihilation in their wake. Emanating awe and terror at every step, they accept nothing but absolute obedience from their followers.

Class Role

The Sith Warriors are primary melee classes with some force abilities. Sith Warriors can go down two Advanced Classes: The Sith Marauder for melee DPS (damage per second) and The Sith Juggernaut as a melee tank. Neither of the Sith Warrior specializations has healing abilities.


Warriors have no shame about wearing heavy armor and intimidating their opponents. Warriors’ vestments often make use of dangerous and experimental components which grant the wearer with immense strength and fortitude.

Recommended Crew Skills (Professions)

Sith Warrior DPS Crew Skills

Artifice, Archaeology and Treasure Hunting

SWTOR Artifice Crew Skill
SWTOR Archaeology Crew Skill
SWTOR Treasure Hunting Crew Skill

Artifice will create modifications that add attributes to your gear, such as your lightsaber. You will also be able to create your own relics, which are very similiar to trinkets used in other games. These relics give you more attributes (usually Endurance) and then have an ability that boosts your damage for 20 seconds. Artifice also creates the Crystals and gems that go into your lightsaber or blaster pistol to change their glowing effecting. This crew skill will also allow you craft your own powerful lightsabers.

Some of the items that you can make for your Sith Juggernaut or Sith Marauder with Artifice are the following items:

If you pick Artifice as one of your crew skills then you should also get the Archaeology and Treasure Hunting crew skills. These two crew skills will give you most of the materials you will need for Artifice.

Sith Warrior Tanking Crew Skills

SWTOR Biochem Crew Skill
SWTOR Bioanalysis Crew Skill
SWTOR Diplomacy Crew Skill

If you plan on being a Tank then you will want to pick up Biochem for the [Rakata Fortitude Stim]. Bioanalysis and Diplomacy are the gathering crew skills for Biochem.

Abilities and Combat

Sith Marauder

Sith Marauder

The Marauder is a dual-wielding class that focuses on dealing damage with two lightsabers. The Marauder has two talent trees, one which focuses on burst damage (Annihilation) and another which focuses on generating a lot of lighter attacks (Carnage). I think the Annihilation talent tree will be the best choice for PvP (player versus player), while the Carnage talent tree will be the best choice for PvE (player versus environment).

For an indepth discussion of the Sith Marauder, check out our Sith Marauder Guide

Sith Marauder Leveling Specialization:
For leveling the Sith Marauder Carnage specialization is best. Carnage allows for many quick attacks to quickly defeat your enemies. The reason why you don’t want to level as Annihilation spec is that it relies too heavily on bleeds and thus is better for bosses with a lot of health.

Talent Points:
Spec: 3/31/7
Work your way up the Carnage skill tree and fill up every talent EXECEPT the following talents should be left at zero. So put no points in: Erupting Fury, Defensive Roll, Displacement or Unbound.

Once you have filled up Carnage at level 40 to obtain Masscare then you can place 3 points in Enraged Slash in the Annihilation tree, then the rest of the points in the rage tree: 2 points in Ravager, 3 points in Malice and finally 2 points in Stagger.

Sith Marauder Leveling Spec Carnage

However, once you reach level 50 you will want to respec based on whether you plan on doing more PvP or PvE, the spec and rotations listed here are so that you can level as fast as possible.

Marauder Leveling Combat
You will want to level in [Juyo Form] only until you get [Ataru Form]. Ataru Form is the stance you will want to be questing in once you learn it through the talent tree, this form will give you a 20% chance to trigger an additional strike for extra damage.

For regular questing you will want to start off by using [Force Charge], to deal damage and stun them for 2 seconds. If there are multiple enemies around you, then use [Smash] to stun them all, if your fighting a single mob skip Smash. Then use [Ravage] for good damage followed up by [Battering Assault] for a quick 6 rage. Now that you have rage to spare, use [Force Scream] and/or [Retaliation] if the Cooldowns are ready, if not then spam [Vicious Slash] if your lower than level 40, if you are over level 40 then spam [Massacre]. Once your low on rage again use [Battering Assault] if the CD is ready, if it is not up then use [Assault] to build rage.

For an indepth discussion of the Sith Marauder, check out our Sith Marauder Guide

Sith Juggernaut

Sith Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is the other advanced class available to the Sith Warrior. It looks to be one of the best melee tanks in the game. The Juggernaut’s Vengeance tree focuses on single lightsaber DPS. The Soresu Form (Immortal) is the Juggernaut’s tanking form. It gives the Juggernaut access to Force abilities that aid in threat generation, crowd control, extra hit points and mitigation.

Sith Warrior Advanced Classes

Sith Marauder
Sith Juggernaut
  • Class Role: Melee Damage
  • Weapon: Two Lightsabers
  • Armor: Medium
  • Resource: Rage
  • Primary Stats: Strength/Endurance
  • Class Role: Melee Damage or Tank
  • Weapon: One Lightsaber
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Resource: Rage
  • Primary Stats: Endurance/Strength

Sith Warrior Companions

Vette Companion Vette (Romance-able) – Korriban
Combat Type: Ranged Damage
Armor: Medium
Weapon Types: Dual Pistols or Blaster Rifle
Crew Skills: +5 Treasure Hunting Critical, +5 Underwould Trading Efficiency
Starting Kit: Concussion Shot
Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Jaesa Willsaam Companion Jaesa Willsaam (Romance-able) – Hutta
Combat Type: Melee Damage
Armor: Light
Weapon Types: One-Handed Lightsaber or DoubleBladed Lightsaber
Crew Skills: +5 Archaeology Efficiency, +5 Synthweaving Critical
Starting Kit: Shockwave
Primary Stat: Willpower
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Malavi Quinn Companion Malavi Quinn (Romance-able) – Balmorra
Combat Type: Ranged Healer and Damage
Armor: Medium
Weapon Types: Blaster Pistol and Vibroknife
Crew Skills: +10 Diplomacy Efficiency, +10 Armstech Efficiency
Starting Kit: Medpack
Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Lieutenant Pierce Companion Lieutenant Pierce (Romance-able) – Taris
Combat Type: Ranged Tank
Armor: Heavy
Weapon Types: Blaster pistol or Rifle and Shield Generator
Crew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Research Critical
Starting Kit: Grenade
Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance
Broonmark Companion Broonmark – Hoth
Combat Type: Melee Tank
Armor: Heavy
Weapon Types: Vibroswoard and Shield Generator
Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical
Starting Kit: Energy Shield
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Endurance
2V-R8 Companion 2V-R8 – Comes with Fury Starship
Combat Type: Non-combat, but can craft and do missions.

Suggested Companion: Taking into consideration that you are a melee class and your wearing either Medium or Heavy armor, Malavi Quinn is a good choice as a companion due to his ability to keep your health up while you kill mobs. If you don’t need a healer, then Vette would be the best companion to use for the extra damage to kill the mob faster and keep moving on.
You can find the Full Companion List Here


Fury features an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sub-light engines. The Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet. The Fury has become a favorite among Sith Lords, although it was initially designed for high-priority military missions. The Fury also features a set of “strike foils” that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short range combat to maximize the ships agility and range of firepower.
Sith Warrior Fury Starship

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  1. Hodiste says:

    Hello, I really like your guide, but I just have one question about the different builds. Currently you only talk about the Annihilation and Carnage tree. I was just curious on what your thoughts were about the Rage tree? I used to like Carnage a lot for pvping and pveing but I tried out the Rage tree and fell in love with the big crits on smash and force scream. Do you think it is viable for a pve build against the other two for Raiding or would you just stick with the other choices?


    • Lythknight says:

      Rage is a good PvP specialization, but it will definitely perform sub-par in a PvE environment. For PvE the real only choice right now is the Carnage specialization, while for PvP you can either go with Annhiliation for the self heals and bleeds or with Rage for massive smashes + force scream and an additional charge via Obliterate.

      I’m almost done with my data mining and calculations for the Sith Marauder Guide which will go over their various PvP and PvE specializations, stats, gearing etc and hopefully I will have it up by Wednesday, so I’d invite you to come check it out once I have it up.

  2. Jwon says:

    Er where’s the info on the Sith Juggernaut – spec, skill trees etc?!

    • Lythknight says:

      I am currently in the process of making an in-depth Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut guides. There is a lot of theorycrafting to be done for these specific guides, so give me a few days 🙂

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