What Class Will Most People Play?

According to a survey conducted on the official SWTOR forums of 11,420 SWTOR players most people will be playing as a Sith Inquisitor on the Sith Empire side, while most people in the Galactic Republic will be playing as a Jedi Consular. This data is no longer available via the SWTOR forums, but we have listed the results below.

The Galactic Republic Class Percentages

Percent Playing Jedi Consular: 29.85%
Percent Playing Jedi Knight: 26.56%
Percent Playing Trooper: 21.93%
Percent Playing Smuggler: 21.64%

As you can see from the table above the Galactic Republic will consist of many more Jedi Consular’s than it will have Troopers or Smugglers. With this being said if your looking to play a class that will be harder for groups to find, you may want to be a Smuggler or a Trooper.

The Sith Empire

Percent Playing Sith Inquisitor: 32.02%
Percent Playing Imperial Agent: 22.90%
Percent Playing Sith Warrior: 22.62%
Percent Playing Bounty Hunter: 22.44%

The table of player classes in the Sith Empire above shows that a very large amount of The Sith Empire will consists of Sith Inquisitors. However, the spread of people playing the Imperial Agents, Sith Warriors and Bounty Hunters is very even. With that large of an amount of Sith Inquisitors we imagine that it will be very easy to find end game healers for the Sith.

Overall the Galactic Republic will contain 43.85% of the total SWTOR players, while the Sith Empire will have 56.14% of the SWTOR players.

As always, these numbers are just estimates, however they did come from a total of 11,420 player votes during the pre-release of SWTOR, so we imagine that the relative numbers will approximate the actual player base. Milage may vary 🙂

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